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"People build too many walls and not enough bridges"

Isaac Newton


Sparkpro is an Israeli organization, which operates globally, creating active social educational networks in the real world and creating the spark to promote a multi-cultural dialog.

The emphasis of Sparkpro activity is the initiation, development and support of international social projects that are reality changing, including conferences, seminars, professional exchanges, leadership programs and unmediated encounters between groups of quality young people from all over the world. The close relations formed at Sparkpro encounters, empower the participants and guide them through a variety of long-term cross-borders collaborations in public, academic, social and business areas.

Sparkpro is an Israeli social-business organization on international scale, working to create social educational networks between groups of young people all over the world, by initiation, planning, development and support of international social-educational projects.  Unlike the world of virtual social networks, in Sparkpro world, the concepts “Like” and “Share” are not only Icons but are also powerful tools for creating multi-cultural dialog in seminars, symposiums, activities and unmediated encounters between quality young people from all over the world.

Sparkpro organization considers young people aged 18-45 as the next generation of “international citizens”: young citizens who have social relations, which cross borders, continents and regimes, with similar young people. Therefore; Sparkpro activity is focused on young people and students who are opinions leaders, community guides and officials in the business, social and government sectors, and who are interested in opening a window to the international social field, to enrich their world, to participate in future leadership and management and thus, to change the reality in which they live.

Sparkpro empowers the future leaders


Sparkpro International seminars are held all over the world and are a platform that enables participants the opportunity for exposure and meeting people from distant countries, foreign cultures and other sectors, which share similar background, the same interests and common future.


During the seminars, participants shatter myths and prejudices, exchange opinions, analyze conflicts and carry out productive discussions that contribute to creating new communication channels and real social change. The close social and educational relations created in Sparkpro International seminars empower and encourage the participants to fill key roles in their home country and guide them through the years, in a variety of international collaborations in the fields of business, public service.

To achieve its goals, Sparkpro organization operates through a network of branches in Israel, Europe, CIS and Africa and maintains strategic collaborations with governments, education ministries, embassies, academic institutes, organizations and entities, associations and foundations in the counties where it operates. Sparkpro models reflect the agenda and contents of its partners and are applied in the various seminars, conferences and symposiums, by entrepreneurs and mentors with experience, knowledge and proven ability in initiation, formation and operation of educational social programs, in dynamic content worlds.

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